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>> and the giants face and elimination today in st. louis after dropping game for. will have more on yesterday's game and reaction about his tough loss. >> and caltrans is shutting down the tax and the sail bridge this weekend. the legend o.j. to keep in mind as we head into this weekend at the next one. defense take a look at whether traffic. >> good morning starting the mot quick of you check shows heavier
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this is video of the van ness/80 intersection. >> this is difficult to deal with eddie & van ness. >> the dri interstate 580 and highway 4. the lighter than usual. like conditions from the south peninsula and north their rights. >> off thank you george are developing a story of san francisco police are currently on the scene of an accident at the a session of eddie street and van ness. is the video that let me show you some video from earlier as officers on seen in full force try to piece together what happened. at this point the started over a traffic accident they spotted a rear license plate light was out when they tried to pull that white four-door vehicle over. a gunshot was fired
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from the vehicle which had to passengers inside unclear at this point if it was fired at the office or in the air. that vehicle sped down and ran a red light and in the up colliding with a taxicab causing it to spin down the road. the two specs'suspect fled on foot. the driver is on the loose the passenger was arrested.
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luckily everyone was ok the taxicab driver did suffer a minor interesjury. shows you what offices open every day any accidents in turn violent. >> even as time goes on throughout the day used of the of what happened it takes a lot to register what goes to your right. >> authorities again searching if you - out the window of the vehicle. certainly a long investigation head for police. >> thank you mike. >> starting tonight caltran will close down the san mateo bridge for repair . >> for good morning i have just got done talking to someone from cow try and his advisers take public transportation there is always the dumbarton bridge is not. you couldn't drive down 1 01 south to 37. you can see all of these cars--a shot from our cam 92,000
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cars cross the san mateo bridge each day to take the cars office bridge and put them on another route, bay bridge, dumbarton bridge it could be hazardous as far as traffic is concerned. the dumbarton bridge is not as big as the salmon sail bridge. we asked him why are you choosing this
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weekend and next weekend to do it. why not a holiday weekend? >> holiday weekend generate a lot of traffic. we want to do as close as we could before the rainy season started. we do have the window where it is raining this project would be a lot more difficult. working in our favor will examine everything that is going on t
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this morning the port of oakland officials have suspended their executive director amid investigations will $4,500 trickle of expense. it was racked up by the agency's head of maritime operations. the court said last like that old mark benjamin is on administrative leave with pay. the court made no pigeon of ma club are entertaining executives. >> the giants another chance to stave off elimination. this was a tough loss in st. louis yesterday. the score was 8-3 last night the cardinals have a three-one lead in the national championships series. there is it will pull it off on the mound today. we did with cincinnati we could do it again. >> the san francisco 49ers both defenses were outstanding. a 12 yd pass to
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delight in walker sealed it. the 40 niners won the 13-6 over the seattle seahawks. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. try finish free. visit us on facebook.
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>> with the close of the san mateo bridge this weekend likely to be some traffic impact that people use the auto route. for here you see the expected reopening time is monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. you're all to the bruins will be to use the san francisco oakland bay bridge to the north or use either of the bit early if if they do you'll hear about it ride here on the kron 424
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hour news channel
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>> welcome bac >> we're back is 6:10 a.m. wiseoakland $4.50. off-price selereflecting a 3ยข drop. >> of expected bad news from google sent shivers through wall street it happen by accident yesterday when the company was supposed to release its third quarter earnings after the bell rang the final bell when the market closed. someone must have pushed the wrong button
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they endeavor early release the data that's in the market floor yesterday. all will report shows is earnings were not as strong this september as it was last year the drought is mainly due to close at position of motorola 25 years ago today wall street saw one of its worst single- day percentage losses earever september 19, 1987. dow jones loss 587 points. market historians in the crash was the result of a sell-off triggered by
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panicked investors to it anticipated a crash. falling interest rates. that's what happened the next big fall happen four years ago your member that on september 30th back in 2008 the market cost of more than 750 points in a matter of hours. 612 a looks pretty good visibility young boy: what does prop thirty-eight mean? every california school gets new funding. prop thirty-eight restores what we've lost... teachers, small classes, art music and science labs. prop thirty-eight guarantees that money will go to my school and your school. then every child in california can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. what does thirty-eight mean to me? the sky's my limit.
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward.
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with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. a lot people have been out hunting force a special rock.
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a rock from a meteor that went across the bay area this weekend. lot of people are looking with the space walks with a broken up meteor. scientists believe the media may have ended up in the east bay. >> of a thing happen is a small piece of the asteroid was despised the rocket metal hit the upper atmosphere and broke up into tons of glittering fragments. it crashed somewhere north of here probably into the martina's hills. >> there is also of the shower that is happening is called the zero ryan shower. it happens every year when the art passes to the tale of haley's comet. what we with a its own is breaking up. this shower
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this event with haley's comet. >> we also following the latest out of the bay area a 300 and for wildfire burning up near clear lake. here's the video showing you the plans and how really rugged that radius. according to cal fire the fire broke out around 244 p of a along state highway 29. 300 a. have burned if they have a it 20 percent contained there still a long way to go the good news is that the for progress has been stopped. there are mandatory evacuations former spring. voluntary evacuations for the twin lake area as well. highway 29 is closed.
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>> the time now is 6:17 a.m. we will look at the whether things such drastically different today. >> good morning downtown san francisco will be 20 degrees cooler compared to what we saw yesterday we do have big changes in store most locations between 12 and 1015 degrees cooler compare to what is saw yesterday set back in 19742001 was a pretty high gear santa rosa napa and corporate or on the upper '80s looks like we saw 96 today breaking those old records in hayward for bidding in old record set back in 1999 looking at fog tracker for get and a clock you concede widespread fog every one contender anding with widespread fog. it looks like the fog will hold on to the coastline as we head into 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. to again look at temperatures currently 57 out of the door 64 in hayward upper 50s in daly
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city as we take those fifties into the afternoon with a woman into the '70s for south bay evergreen at 78 degrees 76 in palo alto and 75 in mountain view. most sunny conditions allow temperatures for inland east a spots 79 degrees and 77 in walnut creek. the mix of sun and clouds and the north bay 75 santa rosa. downtown 7 cisco of the '60s 64 heading to ocean beach. kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows big changes as we start the next four weeks rain fog a ride to the north bay as early as sunday evening. it loo
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>> there is the back of forming a west average commute the 80 approach still a pretty clear one. san mateo bridge while likely to see big delays later this morning is still just and 11 minute drive when you are east of a westbound. at the golden gate bridge commute highway 101 in the fog this morning drive times has with the traffic that's it added two minutes now 17 minutes for hercules to berkeley. but drive on interstate 80. looking to ride here to the south bank 101 looks great heading north so as 85 through the west valley no delays for the 280 north bounds ride and the marin commission is still the lay for 8101 southbound train of thought of and the golden gate bridge. >> 6:20 a.m. right now a san francisco about the day care operator has been convicted of abusing for puppies gossip'abraham taylor was
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sentenced to month in jail as he was convicted of four counts of animal cruelty he operated a dog day care and walking business. an anonymous caller tipped off animal control today's the 16th birthday of sierra lamar. search efforts continue but at this point they do not think that she is alive. after the disappearance they crested arrested--torres.. dna
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evidence that connected them. meanwhile surveillance video that people took part this person was gunned down two blocks away at his home just near west the dogs had sores and were mount morris and covered in feces the have since recovered. >> funeral services will be held for schoolteacher's susie koe. she was murdered in her home she has several stab wounds from her body was found. her husband called because she felt to pick him up at the airport.
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samilp say fntrut6 lies mak of 15 veteran of the force is accused of time card fraud. he was booked into the santa clara county jail and has been placed on paid administrative leave. >> the will to quick break it is 6 to 2:00 a.m. we have a live look for san jose as we check the ride, one traffic is flowing farewell. will get an update on your friday commute
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welcome back to the 6:25 a.m.. right now kind of dark and dreary looking 62 degrees in san francisco. all he will make it a few degrees up to 68 1/2 today. a 14 year-old pakistan the girl was shot by thetaliban because she was promoting western thinking is making progress. she can stand up now without help or with a little help. she is still not out of the woods by any means. she was shot because she advocated education for girls the taliban. >> announce a national news former penn state assistant football coach is asking the judge to throw out his child sex abuse conviction and
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grant him a tryout. he was a gonzales and 30 years after being convicted of abusing boys over a 15 year. he claims his lawyers did not have enough time to prepare for the chil trial. >> a federal appeals court is declaring that the defense of marriage act doma. is unconstitutional. earlier this year president obama ordered the justice the party to stop defending the law of constitutionality. the court in boston and similar ruling in may. the supreme court may likely make the ultimate sex couples to marriage five
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states allow civilians. >> the time now 627 will be back with more to have the reaction from facebook as the giants are in and make a break situation today. we'll be right back and keeping our wall street we're three minutes away from the opening bell what with the market's due today on this friday.
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(opening bell) >> there is, we will see with the live shot. of the new-york stock exchange. google impacting the markets. >> we are tracking also the weather with ericka. >> good morning, as we check downtown san francisco. 20 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. it datea significant cool off
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with this afternoon. and mostly cloudy conditions with dense fog along the coast. cooler with temperatures in the 60s. a breakdown of what we will see with even rained chances coming up. >> the bay bridge is still a problem-free. however light traffic for most of the bay area freeways. a bit slower however, the 580 is still lighter than usual but it is getting heavier. the 1 0 1 southbay through marin county and the peninsula looking decent. bay area baseball. >> it was a difficult evening for the st. louis game last night. lincecum had a difficult time last night. 8-3 was the final
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score. three-one is the series so far. barry is ito will take the pitcher's mound tonight. zito will take the mound tonight. >> they had some momentum going there is nothing around that. with they have done last year, this year. it has not been over. we have been in this situation is an uphill battle we are moving forward toward >> we will keep our fingers crossed. and of course the first pitch today is at 5:00. >> a lot of people believe that we're down to the wire that tonight. we've been asking for your facebook fan pag comments and if they can pull this off? in fact
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ron says this is like cincinnati. they are down to. " we believe ". you realize. that we just need a sweep. and some doubt that. zito do it. and believe but with they are unsure are making it difficult, " let's go giants ". however, feel free to go to our facebook fan page. 6:33. we will talk to sport a director, gary radnich. >> let us talk about politics. president obama and g o p canted it met ronnie took a break. candid it. mitt romney -- took a break and the went to the
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black tie event. >> the campaign can require a lot of wardrobe changes. blue jeans, in the morning perhaps, a suit after a lunch fund-raiser and a sports coat for dinner but it is nice to relax what i usually wear a round the house. [laughter] >> this is the third time that mitt romney and i have met recently. i have a lot more energy in the second debate. i got a lot more rest from the first debate. after my trip in 2008 i was attacked and as a celebrity because i was so popular with my associates overseas. he has easily avoided the problem. >> do not be surprised if
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those jobs reports could be misleading law yo are better off now than you or four weeks ago. hobbema and also, it was spotted that michelle obama lotand president obama were actively shopping. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. it is nice to have a little bit of levity richmond has a famous guest that has a lot of attention. this $200 million yacht owned by microsoft co- founder, paul allen. jackie are you going to get on board? pala >> i wish. this looks like a
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cruise ship. it is how the other half lives. and i thought that it was a cruise ship. it is a $200 million yacht and a 400 ft. long by billionaire, microsoft founder, paul allen. it is in the port of richmond. as the do repairs and he is also the owner of the seattle seahawks. this is huge! and it is called the octopus. it has to helicopters, seven boats. it has-two different helicopters, and even a submarine. the crew of 60. 60 people! >> does it have a swimming pool? tennis court?
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>> i'm guessing that if the have two different helicopters. with a 10-man submarine. >> at least a hot tub. >> and we are sending them home on happy because the 49ers had victory. what would you rather do? >> i did not think that he is going to be going home-- on happy on that thing on happy on --unhappy and maybe they will let you on board? >> i just saw that there are 7 x navy seals as security. 6:37. we will take a break. the bay. councilman is robbed right after leaving a meeting. where he
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was addressing the crime in this area. i run neck. this live look at the san mateo bridge is shutting down. - product--i've run neck
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>> 6:41 health officials making their first confirmation that deadly fungus of steroids. the national meningitis outbreak. this is as the death toll is 20 people. the help administration are still testing two different batches and another injectable drug that was supplied by the same pharmaceutical company in massachusetts. there have been over 60 in factions including the state of california. >> the man that is running
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for the oakland city council was robbed. dan hahl was robbed. >> the first thing i was thinking was the chute me. bec he wa -- was he going to shoot me? ai have been asking about neighborhood safety and crime prevention for the campaign and i feel more strongly about it than before. >> kahl was not hurt and he is able to replace his cellphone and what that was taken by the robber. the traffic and weather coming up on this friday.
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>> welcome back. there was a shooting this morning. early in san francisco after a police pursuit. there was a shooting. there was a crash. this was after a person failed to stop for police. gunshots at came out from the vehicle. later th vehicle collided with a taxicab. there was an arrest but one suspect is at large. no officers were ahurt. >> the san mateo bridge will close for this weekend, next weekend. beginning friday for seismic retrofitting. this begins at 10:00 p.m. and it will not open until monday morning 5:00 a.m. it will be open for the week
6:46 am
date commute. and again as we mentioned, the same for next weekend. >> a lincecum failure. they need to make this one. this was a painful and night in st. louis. 8-3. no, they lead the series to 3-1. now --they lead the series- three-one the first game is at 5:00 p.m. will let us get an update, erica? >> good morning and happy friday, james. we start off with a dense fog. cloudy conditions for the entire bay area. it is a warmer start. it is starting to even see some misty conditions for downtown san
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francisco. concord is coming in at 64 degrees. the futurecast showing that as we are contending with upper 60s. again these are the afternoon highs. the orange is representing 80s. for the most part out of our forecasting area. much cooler conditions expected for the central we transfer it transition for this afternoon. and by the green on your screen is representing 60s. certainly, keep a jacket mild with mild conditions later today. let me focus our attention on the afternoon the temperatures are 10-12-even 20 degrees cooler in some areas. compared to what we saw yesterday afternoon. expect 70's and the south bay. 74 and san jose. and pretty warm conditions. and
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compared to the 90's we sought for fairfield, and 87 and aconcord. a mixture of sun and clouds. and 90's that we saw yesterday for fairfield-with 60s for downtown sun francisco today mostly cloudy for ocean beach. san bruno will just be nearly 70 degrees. the big game tomorrow tell stanford-forces cal with mostly cloudy conditions. we will see stanford verses cavell 60/70's by halftime. and even light wind. tomorrow will be the big game. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures will be average as we go towards the weekend with changes start sunday night. the first part had to for wet weather along the golden gate. even for the middle of
6:49 am
next week showers on/off. the timing is a little bit of an issue. but i do not think that we will see that much precipitation in the south bay but you will need an umbrella handy. however there will be significant rainfall is to go for next week. >> we continue to monitor a hot spot free drive. this is westbound at the toll plaza not that bad. the backup is the bay bridge to the nimitz just 14 minutes. the san mateo is starting to slow down a little bit. 15 minutes which is usually 11 minutes. and the golden gate is a little bit foggy. the southbound buck getting heavier on the east shore freeway. over 20 minutes.
6:50 am
from berkeley westbound a little bit slow. and on the drive towards a dublin interchange. the 101 continues to slow down north. the 680 in the 880 interchange. still, under 30 minutes from novato to the golden gate. >> a quick check of the markets. we are also seen in-trading on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq is also down. that is what we're following on wall street. we do have some good news some possible improvements for self bay cities. some of the highest rental properties in the south bay with 40%
6:51 am
increase. some as much as 3000 per month. goodbyeand they are not able to meet the in the increasing demand/population. >> the oracle will test that damaged not until next year after it capsized on san francisco bay. 131 wing span was smashed into several pieces. it will take at least three-four months to rebuild. it is being reformulated in auckland new zealand. nobody was hurt. however, it was pulled
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for miles out to sea. pieces were found even 8 mi. out beyond the golden gate bridge. >> a bay. teenager with a petition of over 400,000 to the signatures demanding that he received his eagle scout award that he achieved. he was kicked out. after 12 years of serving in the boy scouts because he came out as being gay. supporters signed this petition. and the teen's mother posted that on eight website called the >> straight or gay people do not choose their sexual orientation. what makes me less likely? >> he wanted to be an eagle scout. his membership was revoked was kate and they do not allow the members. the family is hoping that is widespread support will spur
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the hopefu local to redefine the national policy. >> airline safety has been so safe that it is difficult to justify more safety rules. it has been 43 months since the last domestic crash. that is the longest since commercial aviation expanded after world war ii. each life saved at $6.2 million with modest changes for the industry calcosting hundreds of millions of dollars. >> we will be back with just a few more minutes. a live look at the golden gate. a whole new day. fog. drizzle. and around the bay it just feels moist.
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>> welcome back. extreme sports fans have flocked to san francisco for the dew tour in front of city hall plaza. the most talented athletes like bmx and ski pouring. this is crazy. skateboarding -- let us check out some of the moves. they could not be more pleased. is cool to watch it. there are even mounds of dirt for forbmx- look at this is danny it is 400 ft. long the port of richmond. that dinghey ... paul allen the
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co-founder of microsoft, it is a 200 ft yacht. 400 ft. in-got- yacht
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